paper goods for Mother's Day?

It took me the better part of this past week to finish three more of my homage to Mother's Cookies in the form of folded notecards (not so much because they take very long to make but because I had pathetically little time to myself this week), now for sale in my Etsy shop. The $5 set includes three notecards, each featuring a different circus animal - rhinoceros, lion, and elephant...yes, that's an elephant - one pink, two white, all three layered over light blue paper and attached to sturdy, white folded notes, with matching blue envelopes. You can also buy the notes individually for $2 a pop. As a friend suggested, these would be perfect for Mother's Day, either to send out to the motherly gals in your circle or as a gift.

I should also add that, tinkering around in my shop as I was, I reduced the price on those chick flick notecards, also available individually or as a set. These would also be ideal for Mother's Day, but in a completely different way.

In other Makery news, again with Neal as my witness, Jolina is the winner of the pink pom pom pushpins. I haven't yet finalized what I'd like to do for Monday (eek!) but I'm leaning toward food as a theme and/or more paper products, especially considering I just bought over 100 pieces of paper in magenta, blue, and orange from the 75% off section at the back of a Crane's store yesterday. And that's okay to use for the Makery since I didn't buy it with any particular project in mind. Not that anyone's necessarily keeping tabs on me or anything...

I have a feeling getting this week's project done by Monday might be a bit of a challenge, though, considering how nice it is outside. Here's a picture Neal sent me from his phone, on a walk with Elias.

Could that sky be any bluer?


Jolina said...

That is a tremendously b-e-a-u-tiful sky and the kites? Awesome!! How cool is that? I'll bet Elias was so excited!

Oh, and the cards are really cute too!

Billz said...

You were in a Crane's store? I wonder which one that could've been?

RBG said...

Jo, Elias does seem to be more and more aware of things in the sky - I'm not sure if he did this with Neal but he has pointed at the kites in this particular park before. It's a lot more fun to take him on walks, that's for sure!

Hmm, gee, which Crane's store could it have been?? I thought about you when I visited Brian last week - are you over in Copley? If so, next time I'm in that area I'll definitely swing by. But don't you make me buy a phone :)