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I am very pleased to finally be blogging about my invitation design "business" that I just this week launched via Etsy, over four years after I created my own wedding invitations, plus invitation ensembles for friends' baby showers, housewarmings, and birthday parties between then and now.

I was dragging my heels on this project for a couple of reasons. For starters, I needed to create a portfolio in order to give potential clients an idea of what I could offer them, but I was having a hard time creating mock invitation ensembles completely from scratch. So I (likely with Neal's help although the details are fuzzy at this point) decided to create wedding invitations for fictional unions, drawing inspiration from characters on some of my favorite t.v. shows. For example, The O.C.'s Summer and Seth chose a dragonfly motif for their wedding invitations, set against a palette of chartreuse, plum, and beet (a.k.a. green, light purple, and dark purple).

Gilmore Girls' Lorelei and Luke went with a fall-inspired theme for their marriage celebration at the Dragonfly Inn, naturally.

And Drs. Cameron and Chase took a break from House to prepare for a New Year's Eve bash that celebrated their recent elopement with a star confetti ensemble in white, dark brown, and light blue – a contemporary twist on the traditional black and white color scheme.

I'm still working on a spring ensemble (which should round out the seasonal offerings) for The Office's Pam and Jim, which I had hoped to have up by the time I officially launched and announced the shop, but their invitation requires a few more items I haven't had a chance to run out and acquire. That invite should be up by next weekend, at the latest.

The other thing holding me up, even as I began to execute some of these ideas, was the daunting task of creating yet another website. I was slow to join the Etsy bandwagon, even though the site was launched just a couple of months after Neal and I got hitched. I've had the shop name, rbgcolor, for awhile, but only recently had the idea to move all the non-paper crafts stuff (primarily products from the Makery) to another shop and focus this one on invitations, paper goods, and general design fun. I'd still like to create a basic site to showcase examples from my portfolio for which I don't necessarily have samples to sell, as well as some textual stuff that won't fit within Etsy's shop format, but for now, the shop is up and running and I'm just waiting for the orders to pour in.

What other fictional t.v. characters can I create invitations for?


java diva said...

Wow, those are beautiful! You have great taste in color combos!
Best of luck with your new biz!!

Jolina said...

Absolutely wonderful. How exciting to be embarking on such a great adventure.

RBG said...

Thank you both!! I feel like I'm finally remembering how to do things I enjoy and if I can make a little money off of one of those projects, even better! We'll see...

Kristina said...

Wow those are gorgeous!! I would totally employ your services for my next life event

I love the pop culture references too. Being a nerd I would suggest Link and Zelda or Mario and Princess Peach as a couple but that is likely not quite the direction you are going for.

I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

RBG said...

Thanks, Kristina! Too bad you're already married :) I could see extending to video games for inspiration, sure (at least, I'm assuming that's where these characters come from...I'm pretty sure Mario and Princess Peach are from Mario Bros., right?). That said, I hope I have some real-life customers to work with sooner than later!

I'm working on two more summer ensembles that I should have listed by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned!

RBG said...

Should I happen to get any visitors to this particular blog post actually looking for handmade wedding invites...RBG Color now has a new name and a blog of its very own! paper*punch*press can be found here, and of course you can always just hop on over to the shop - either will do if you're looking for more info!

Thanks for looking!