If Etsy had been around when I got hitched: Namesake Design

I got married in the spring of 2005, just a few months before Etsy was launched.  With the Internet in general I often wonder how people got by without it.  How did people gather basic facts about a business, how did one find out how to get somewhere, how did families stay in touch??  Similarly, I often come across an amazing wedding vendor or product on Etsy and momentarily daydream about how I could have incorporated that particular item into my event details.  I always joked with my fiance-now-husband that our wedding was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience because even if our relationship went south I would never plan another wedding.  Wedding planning is a lot of work but when all is said and done, you find yourself forever drawn to the kind of excitement and promise that an event in planning holds.  And if you did any of it yourself, you probably feel qualified to become a wedding vendor yourself (which is pretty much how paper*punch*press began!).

On that note, I'm starting a new series of blog posts that will highlight a different Etsy wedding vendor every Sunday.  For my inaugural post: Custom Coloring Book Favors by Namesake Design:


Quite a few children attended our wedding and the DJ and dance floor kept them pretty well entertained but I would have loved to have something like this during dinner, especially for the younger ones.  Namesake Design does a fantastic job on these at a really reasonable price (happy kids equal happy parents!); check out their shop and blog for more details.

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