not another blog!

That's right, folks. I was hesitant to compartmentalize my life on the Internet even further by creating a separate blog and Twitter account for my Etsy endeavors for fear of having little to write about here but that's just what I've gone and done. Some of you may be relieved; for the rest, you can keep up on all the latest products added to the shop, design back-stories, real weddings and events, and special deals here and here. And maybe this will motivate me to resume the Makery and watch more television in an effort to have something to blog about. Oh yeah, and make art and stuff.

Just one last thing - I'm offering an early bird Labor Day weekend deal on Halloween items in my shop. 20% off this:

and this:

and a couple more items that I'll add today or tomorrow - the sale lasts now through Monday, September 7th. Halloween is just around the corner, folks! Check the blog or Twitter for product updates over the next few days.

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