only the best for your vampire wedding

This is the latest wedding invitation design added to my shop, the back-story for which originally appeard on my other blog:

After putting together the dragonfly motif wedding invitation ensemble for 'The OC's' Summer and Seth, I found some black paper printed with red dragonflies. That particular motif seems to be the invite that gets the most views and inquiries (nibbles, nibbles, but, alas, no bites...no pun intended once you've read ahead) so I thought it might not be a bad idea to put together an alternate mock-up, using the decorative paper as a jumping off point, which is the first time the design has come from my materials instead of the couple, real or otherwise. I actually had a hard time with that part until Rain suggested Sookie and Bill from 'True Blood,' a show I wasn't terribly familiar with before but have requested that Neal add to our Netflix queue after doing some research in order to create a wedding invitation ensemble for their fictional union.

It's a little steep in price, mainly because I've used almost all the tricks in my bag: heavy-weight folder, multiple layers, separate reception card, envelope liner, decorative paper...It was fun to do one design that incorporated a bunch of different components.

Oh, and, like a few of the other fictional couples I've drawn inspiration from, the actors who play Sookie and Bill - Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer - are engaged in real life. Of course, most of those other couples have since split so hopefully my mock invitation isn't some sort of relationship jinx. Now that would be bad for business.

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