RBG Color presents paper*punch*press

Shortly after relocating my family and business from Boston to Oakland, I started to tweak my shop a bit, starting with a new name for my signature line of invites.  Here's the lowdown, which originally appeared on my other blog in late July 2009, just a few weeks after our cross-country move:

Despite the fact that a significant portion of our new living room is still covered with unopened boxes (books, meh), I've been spending much of my spare time the past few days getting back into the swing of things that is the little slice of my life that does not involve changing diapers, mostly as it relates to searching for a 9 to 5 job and, not completely unrelated (I've submitted one whopping job application since landing on the west coast two weeks ago), as it concerns my more entrepreneurial efforts over at Etsy. While the Makery is still on hiatus, my stationery shop is open and receiving a bit of a face lift.

It's not that I'm fickle. I like 'RBG Color' (my initials and a spin on the RGB Color Model) but I guess I was feeling like it wasn't terribly descriptive of what I have to offer in the shop. So should I ever get a business license or something so official, my business name would probably still be RBG Color (, LLC or something fancy like that), but I've added a new name to the series of invites I have in the shop so far: paper * punch * press. "Paper" and "press" are obvious enough, even though I don't really use any kind of press. "Punch" refers, primarily, to the paper punches I use, typically associated with scrapbooking. I also like throwing "punch" in there because it's both celebratory (like, fruit punch) and aggressive, two sentiments I think just about any bride-to-be can understand pretty darn well. Plus, there's the alliteration. Always fun. And hopefully catchy.

Other than a new banner, I also took advantage of a promotion on the new digital printing services over at 4by6.com to order some business cards, paying only the CA tax (which, by the way, is almost double that of MA...score one for Boston) and shipping. Nice timing, huh?

Now what am I going to do with 100 business cards?

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