flowers, new colors, and pocketfolds, oh my!

I'm working on three new wedding invitation designs, at least two of which I plan to add to the shop tomorrow (maybe all three depending on how well my 15-month old son naps in the afternoon!) so stay tuned for that.  I'm really excited about the new designs and color combinations, using some of the paper samples I recently received from a new company I'm using for materials (in addition to my existing paper stock).  I've also been busy this week generally cleaning up the shop (fall cleaning?).  I've decided to move all non-custom items, even if they qualify as "paper goods", to my other Etsy shop, where I feature items that are part of what I call the Makery and blog about here.

I sort of agonized over the decision, partly wanting to make all manner of stationery (greeting cards, Halloween party invitations, customized Christmas tags, etc.).  On the other hand, I'd like to concentrate on the work I really enjoy, and that's making wedding invitations.  And it's amazing how good it felt to streamline the shop a bit, making room for more of the stuff I really enjoy - mock wedding invitations that I hope to customize for more real couples in the coming months.

Along the lines of housekeeping, I also worked much of last weekend tweaking and re-photographing all of my existing designs and I'm pretty happy with how things turned out.  I feel like the new images showcase the invites better and the border helps to consolidate the overall look of the shop.  Most of the changes to the existing designs were minor, but I did modify the star motif ensemble to a flat invite with no die-cut motif or duplex bordering.

I wanted to create an example of how I can offer an even more reasonably priced ensemble, with the option to add on, of course (I plan to add more of these kinds of flat-printed designs and motifs in the future).  Check back here and in the shop for all the details and additions this weekend!

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