if Etsy had been around when I got hitched: Jenny Hoople's Handmade Jewelry

This blog series is becoming quite the dangerous window shopping.  After posting a thread to the promotion section of the Etsy community, I got several suggestions for some really gorgeous products to post each Sunday as part of this series (dangerous because many of these items would be great for your wedding and, as in my case, beyond!).  I'll start with some of the lovely items for sale by Jenny Hoople.  After posting this "blossom" pink and navy blue ensemble to the shop yesterday (more on those new designs later), these rose quartz earrings stood out:

I love the pale pink, don't you?  These earrings would make great bridesmaids gifts (that, even better, the ladies could wear long after the big day!) and are available in a few different colors.  If you're looking for something a bit more traditional, the shop features several stunning pearl necklaces.  I'm particularly smitten by this Rhythm Freshwater Pearls necklace:

I love the organic quality to this necklace, a combination of the freshwater pearls and the undulating "rhythm" of the four sizes used, all hand knotted on silk.  This is just a tiny sampling of what Jenny Hoople has to offer, and at great prices!

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