Save the Date!

I finally got around to adding a customized photo magnet save-the-date with paper backing to the shop late last week, something I've wanted to add for awhile now.

As often happens, a prospective customer's inquiry motivated me to mock-up a new design and add it to the shop.  Since that customer is interested in the red and turquoise ensemble (a modified version of the invitation that I created for my own wedding in April 2005), I created a save-the-date that would coordinate with that design.

I wanted to make something that would set the stage for the event and the formal invite to follow but not steal the show completely, borrowing some, but not all of the design elements of the invitation itself.

The photo magnet is calling card size, measuring 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches, and tucks into the layered, paper backing, which fits snugly into the corresponding A2 envelope.  I liked the idea of using a paper backing because it allowed me to keep the magnet itself fairly simple, a visual reminder of the event to come, and also of the anniversary to be celebrated for years after.  Even though I'll be celebrating my fifth wedding anniversary next spring, I put this mock-up on my fridge because it's still relevant!

As always, the design is completely customizable to coordinate with any of the other ensembles in my shop.  In fact, I created similar designs for the snowflake and fleur-de-lis motifs but have a little bit of tweaking to do before I add them to the listing.  More save-the-date designs coming soon!

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