two new designs and free shipping this weekend!

As promised, two of the three new designs I've been working on recently were added to the shop this past weekend.  First up is a 5 by 7 inch invite that pairs a subtle pop-up hydrangea motif at top center, showing a layer of "blossom" pink paper underneath the white invite, along with a "night" (or navy) blue border, all matted on a pink patterned paper (printed front and back). 

The patterned paper and translucent pink petal wrap are from the package of samples I recently received from a new company I'm using for my paper and supplies.  I wasn't blown away by much of what I received in the mail, sticking instead to the high-quality paper and envelopes I've been getting primarily from Paper Source.  But there were a few items I liked and will incorporate into my existing inventory, including the two details included in the ensemble above, as well as a new line of smaller, somewhat more reasonably priced pocket folders in about a half-dozen different metallic colors.  Pocket folder will certainly bump your ensemble out of the affordable range if you let it, so I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to offer decorative extras like these without breaking the bank.

Next up is a square invite that uses the classic fleur-de-lis motif against a contemporary palette of white, bright yellow, turquoise blue, and chocolate brown.  I'm really happy with the way the corner punch coordinated with the main punch used on the invite, as well as a third motif flat-printed on the outer envelope, underneath the return address.  I was worried about using such a bright shade of yellow, but I think it works really well in moderation along with the other colors included in this ensemble.

The third design I'm working on uses one of the smaller pocket folders I mentioned above; samples will be available in the shop by this weekend.  I should also add that I'll be offering free worldwide shipping in my shop this weekend.  That means free shipping on samples purchased between October 9th and 11th, and down the road for any custom order started this weekend (meaning if you purchase a sample now and order invitations in a few months, I'll honor the discount then!).  Stay tuned for more details...

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