moss green, fuchsia pink, and totally luxe all over!

A couple of weeks ago I was reminded of why I begin each order with a non-refundable design fee. While the design fee is usually applied to an order total if the client is happy with their proofs and decides to move forward with my services, I anticipated that there might come a time when, for any number of reasons (weddings being the complex affairs that they are...what's that expression about too many cooks in the kitchen?), a client did not wish to proceed and, without that nonrefundable fee, I would have worked - usually for many hours - for free. The design fees keeps this from happening and, I hope, keeps a bride from feeling committed to using my services before she sees the details of her big day incorporated into one of my designs!

I experienced this for the first time a couple of weeks ago but I was so smitten with the new design I'd been working on I decided to tweak it a bit (moving the illustration around and changing the font and colors) and add it to the shop as the first in what I hope will be an entirely new line of "luxe" wedding invitation ensembles, with less die-cutting and more illustrative qualities and printed on a lovely, subtly textured card stock, a minor upgrade, if you will, from the invitation ensembles I currently offer. So for the inaugural "luxe" invitation design, I present the Retro Peony Wedding Invitation Ensemble in Luxe Fino Cream, Moss, and Fuchsia:

And now it's time to finally get started printing my first screen-printed design (that I mentioned a couple of posts ago) - stay tuned for more details!

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