screenprint samples now available!

Finally, many weeks after first mentioning an order that would utilize the services of my new YuDu screenprinting machine, samples of that wedding invitation are now available in the shop!

If you're interested in the screenprinting process or the YuDu machine in particular, hop on over to my other blog for the long and rambling post about my journey along YuDu's steep learning curve. I already have a couple more orders lined up that will use this process, one more for a mostly text-based design and one for a custom wrap that will be used around a tea-length invite. And as happy as I am with the finished product, I will say that I don't necessarily recommend the screenprint process for text unless your design requires printing on a dark paper and you don't have the budget to consider a printing process like letterpress (because, as you probably know, you can't print lighter ink on a darker paper stock using an inkjet which is what I use for all of my flat print orders). But for orders like this one (the silver ink looks just lovely on the black paper and is perfect for the moonlit ceremony, don't you think?) and for more graphic uses (like a custom print similar to the one used in this design), I'm happy to be able to officially offer this printing style!

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