a very hungry caterpillar

For a friend's son's first birthday party coming up in a couple of weeks, I recently put together these invitations based in large part on this bookworm theme invitation tutorial on the Paper Source blog but tweaked a bit to work with a palette more along the lines of Eric Carle's classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

I used the new peacock blue for the body, with chartreuse labels for the text, and red circle cards for the caterpillar's face. 

For the most part, I followed their instructions, but used a 1/8 inch punch for the holes for the brads (a 1/4 inch punch created a hole that was much too roomy for the 1/4 inch chartreuse brads I used) and instead of using craft glue to attach the antennae to the back of the caterpillar's head, I punched 1/4 inch holes and threaded the ribbon through, attaching the ends with 1 1/4 inch black labels. 

These won't be going in the shop because, as you can see, they're about 99% Paper Source inspired but I wanted to share them here nonetheless!  They were a lot of fun to make - a very simple, irresistibly adorable design.


Greg♥Amelia said...

These are beautiful! A couple questions...is the body in the peacock color made from circle cards also or did you cut those? Did you use the 2.5inch labels for the text or the 4inch? My daughter is turning one in April and I would love to use this theme!

Rebecca Bird Grigsby said...

Thank you! Yes, the head and body are all from PS 5 1/2 inch circle cards with the text printed on 4 inch labels. I am actually in the process of adding a design similar to this one to my shop - should be up within the next couple of weeks and I'll leave a comment here when it's available. But these are fun to DIY, too, so I hope this helps!