on the road again

But only for a couple of miles.  That's right, the family and business are moving - again - but this time instead of relocating 3000 miles across country (as we did just over a year ago) we're just moving a couple of miles south, to our first house in our beloved Oakland, California!  As a military turned government brat with chronic itchy feet, this will be the first single-family, free-standing type house I've ever lived in.  Ever!  I'm super excited. And super overwhelmed. And super busy. And I have lots and lots of actual boxes that need packing.  But I'm putting packing off and in the meantime, catching up on all sorts of little projects.  Like the designing, printing, trimming, sending out, photographing, and adding to the shop of these little moving announcements, printed on Paper Source's "paper bag" card stock and paired with moss green 4bar envelopes:

Unlike the caterpillar invites blogged about previously, these are available in the shop!  Fully customizable, as always.  In the end I really like the paper bag/moss green/black combo, chosen primarily because I just happened to have about 40 moss green 4bar envelopes in stock (I knew I wanted to use the "paper bag" paper but wasn't sure about ink colors initially).  And when we got our moving boxes yesterday, lo and behold, the printing on the sides is in green.  Perfect!

I have about a half-dozen orders to show & tell but may not get around to fully updating the blog until after the move next week.  Stay tuned! And wish me luck!

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