tea bag shaped tea party bridal shower invites!

I don't think I ever blogged about the tea party-themed tea-bag shaped bridal shower invitation set I created last winter for a bride's aunt, who was hosting the surprise event for her niece. A couple of months ago I created a variation of this design for another client so without further delay, let me share a couple of images here!

This design utilizes the half-moon pocket enclosure from Paper Source and includes a layered, tea-bag shaped invite with a ribbon/tag embellishment.

The tag embellishment includes a quote that the client provided which creates a nice way to introduce the recipient to the nature and style of the event before they get to the invite itself.

The design incorporates a set of tea-themed illustrations used on the tag and invitation.

The original design used a palette of "blossom" pink, ivory, and silver, but for this order, we used moss green, "night" blue, and a patterned card stock backing.  I love the bolder palette!

Unfortunately, Paper Source has largely discontinued this particular enclosure but you can still find it in a handful of colors.  And, as always, the colors you see in this design are fully customizable!

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