the peony invite in red, yellow, and black

I still have about a dozen or so boxes to unpack but I re-opened my shop on Sunday and I'm slowly but surely catching up.  After a week and a half of staring at cardboard boxes it's been a nice change these past couple of days to see some color again!

Speaking of color, as I begin to catch this blog up on what I've been working on over the past couple of months, following, to start, is a version of the peony invite that coordinated with the client's wedding palette of yellow, red, and black.

Initially I worried the yellow and red would read too close to a McDonald's color scheme but after paper proofs printed on a few different options for yellow, we went with this lighter color and I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  I love the way the red peony pops on the light yellow background, all nicely framed by the black card stock backing.

The response card is printed on white card stock, initially paired with a red envelope, but after the client expressed concern over how they fair going through the postal system, we went with a white envelope instead, with the isolated peony blossom printed in yellow to match the paper used for the invite.

The custom peony pattern liner was printed in black ink on a lighter-weight matching yellow paper.

Congratulations, Danielle & Tyrone!

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