bookmark photo strip birth announcement

A prospective client contacted me a few weeks ago about the possibility of customizing the bookmark style photo booth film strip wedding save-the-date as a birth announcement and while I've yet to get the job, I thought it was a great idea!  So I set to work on a birth announcement version using the information and pictures of my own son (now 2 years old!) for the mock-up.

I only had three images from this particular "photo shoot" of one of his very first smiles, but the bookmark can easily accommodate a fourth image, as in the wedding version.

I played off the colors in the images - the orange, blue, and green of his bouncy seat - and added a star motif but as always, all of these components are fully customizable!

In other bookmark style product news, I recently upgraded from a plain card stock to a heavy weight matte photo paper and the resulting improvement in image quality is fantastic!  The paper weight is just a tad lighter but still extremely sturdy and the improvement in the quality of the printed photos more than makes up for it!

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