in like a lion, out like a...butterfly?

I finished up one of the first couple of wedding invitation orders for Spring 2011 last week.

It doesn't vary considerably from the butterfly motif design we used as a starting point for this contemporary take on traditional French wedding invitations, but it's certainly worth blogging about not only because I'm so pleased with the final product but for all the effort it took to get to this point!

I had a few...let's call them technical difficulties with the pop-up butterfly paper punch I usually use for this design.

Trying to use the same punch on a much heavier card stock folder, 115 times over, proved challenging, to say the least.

You can read the full report on my other blog.  And I link to this rambling post not to complain about the effort involved in pulling off this order to the client's satisfaction but to point out the fact that at the end of the day, as a wedding vendor, the last thing you want is for your client to use the word "disappointed" in connection with anything you produce for their big day!

After a week of trial and error, I pulled it off for this client (who was a pleasure to work with and the order provided me with an opportunity to use some of the French I double-majored in during college!) and lesson learned!

FĂ©licitations, Sandra et Matthieu!

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