red, white, and blue for the kids, too!

At long last, I had a chance to tweak, reprint, re-assemble, and post a sample of the invites I made for my son's Cat in the Hat themed birthday party in June.

When I was planning his party, I wanted, obviously, to carry over the Cat in the Hat theme to his paper products and invites, setting the tone for the party a few weeks later, but, as always, I wanted to do something a little different.

I wanted to play on the colors, characters, and visual elements of the book/story without necessarily infringing on any copyrighted material! Furthermore, I felt that doing a Cat in the Hat theme invitation without necessarily using the Cat himself, or Things 1 and 2, might push me to be a little more creative with this particular source of inspiration.

So what I came up with uses the colors - white, red, and "pool" and "peacock" blues - and patterns - stripes and polka dots - from the book, along with the kite motif, as in when Things 1 and 2 are flying a kite in the house, bumping along the wall, knocking things over, and just generally causing a lot of chaos!

I've been thinking a lot lately about incorporating origami into my designs so the origami kite was the perfect opportunity to do so.  The kite opens to reveal all of the event details and RSVP info for your guests.

I also like the way the kite and tail, essentially both flat elements, give the invite a bit of a three-dimensional quality. Change up the colors and font and this design could also be used for a non-CITH kite-themed birthday party!

Also new (and in the same color scheme, coincidentally) is this vintage carnival style menu I created recently for a client's son's christening.

The menus are printed on bright white card stock and then layered over a metallic "jupiter red" shimmery paper.

This design could be easily modified into a birthday party invite and as always the colors are fully customizable!  These are just the first two of a handful of new designs I've added over the last few weeks - it takes me awhile longer to update the blog!  Check out my shop and follow me on Twitter for more timely updates!

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