a variation on the airplane ticket wedding invitations

Other than the photo booth film strip bookmark wedding save-the-date, the retro airplane ticket/boarding pass invitation design I added to my shop last spring is definitely my most popular design. I've had the pleasure of customizing the base design for several couples at this point.  In fact, I just sent off an order that called for a slightly more vintage take on the design using ivory paper instead of white, a more decorative script font for the names, and an unusual but I think very successful palette of papaya, pool, and night.  Also vintage but in a totally different vein is this order I completed last week, that switched out the sunshine sleeve for chartreuse and a set of retro biplane silhouettes in lieu of the palm tree and sand dollars.

If you're a Facebook "fan", you already saw these!  I tend to update my Facebook page and Twitter account way before I get around to the blog, so "like" me won't you? And congrats to Dana & Aaron - have a wonderful wedding in Hawaii!

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