falling leaves for an autumn wedding

I put this design in my shop in early fall 2011 but it dawned on me, updating my holiday listings for possible 2012 buzz, that I never blogged about it! In addition to running my shop, I was busy training for (and completing - yay!) my second marathon (and designed these thank you notes, now available in my shop, since I trained with Team in Training) and put in charge of organizing the silent auction as part of a big spring fundraiser at my son's school. Both tasks are completed - phew! - so without further delay, here's another design for Fall 2012 - Autumn Weddings, Thanksgiving dinners, etc.

The palette is inspired by this falling leaves vellum scrapbook paper - purple and metallic copper, along with ivory. A bit unusual, no? I like unusual!

The invite is embellished with an embossed triple oak leaf rubber stamp made just for me by the amazing Kim Jones of sugarskull7 on Etsy.

Included, as always, is a response set...

...and an outer envelope with return address printed for you!

I've got one more blog post in the works to catch up on new designs (like this winter wedding invitation inspired by the children's book The Mitten) and a brand new design I'm hoping to have in the shop by tomorrow, in conjunction with the premier of my all-time favorite reality TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. You know what I'll be doing on Thursday nights for awhile! Stay tuned...

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