your names, in lights!

As promised in my last blog post, I designed an invitation in conjunction with the premier of SYTYCD tonight. I'm pretty enthusiastic about the show and love watching people dance in general.  And while I didn't dig the movie, I've always loved the poster for the famous Bob Fosse film, All That Jazz.

So this invite pulls all of that inspiration together.

As my husband pointed out, the crowd silhouette has a little more concert vibe than chorus line but I kind of like that - it makes the design a bit more versatile with a general dance/crowd/party/celebration theme.

The invite and response set are held together with a bit of light gray baker's twine:

The design has a touch of shimmer with a metallic silver envelope liner:

The names in lights font had me thinking about graduation, too, perhaps because I watched the graduation/season finale of Glee last night.  So I put together a few graduation cards as well.

Inside, the greeting encourages the graduate (or recipient of your congratulations) to "light it up!"

This card is available in four other color combinations; check out my "ready to send" section to see all the options.  As you might imagine, while I love custom orders, I'm trying to beef up my "ready to send" inventory.  Stay tuned for more designs and new products throughout the summer!

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