long time, no blog

It's been way too long! I've been busy taking care of baby #2 since she arrived in early February and just recently, nearly six months later, reopened my shop in order to offer DIY printable designs and ready-to-send stationery. In addition to the DIY designs that were already in the shop, pre-baby, I've added six designs that were previously not offered as DIY digital files. Check it out!

Hanging out at home with the baby (yep, that's her) will be my main gig over the next six and a half months, in addition to getting my son ready for Kindergarten this fall, holiday shenanigans that seem to be endless between early October and late December, and a handful of travel opportunities to see our family and friends around the country. I'm hoping the baby will eventually settle into a nice, two-nap routine that will allow me to revamp my business and shop a bit before she begins part-time daycare next winter. I'll then have three days to devote to my work! In the meantime, I'm working on deciding which designs to keep on and which to "retire", developing a series of blog tutorials for new designs that are a "labor of love" (in other words, inspiration for the DIY bride/couple or event planner), and a whole line of brand-new invitations that focus more on design and less on crafty assembly and will be professionally printed, allowing me to offer clients more options in terms of paper thickness and finish, amount of recycled content, and full color printing front and back (think patterns! directions! etc.!). I'm pretty excited about the changes I'm working on - stay tuned for more details later this year and early next!

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