Jem meets Vice City?

For baby no. 2's 1st birthday this past weekend, I designed invites, favor tags, and thank you notes for a rock star themed party somewhat visually inspired by Jem and the Holograms (since I was thinking rock star theme with a specifically 80s women in rock vibe).

Two different people commented that the graphic design had a bit of a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City feel to it...not exactly the vibe I was going for but I can see the connection in hindsight.

At any rate, the paper goods are in my shop, along with baby no. 2's birth announcement, all to sort of celebrate her first year and my return to a little dedicated work time each week, having been home with her full-time up to this point and trying, unsuccessfully, to get a little work done during naps and after kids' bedtimes. Neither of my kids was/is great nappers and at the end of a 14 hour day I kinda just want to watch a couple of episodes of Girls and hit the sack, you know?

Other than the paper goods mentioned above, I didn't get too crazy with the party plans. I created a simple paper banner showing the baby each month, usually photographed alongside a Guitar Hero guitar for comparison purposes as we did with her big brother five years before her (hence the rock star theme).

I used the VIP favor tags for the goody bags (pink paper gift bags with zebra striped tissue paper), which included star-shaped sunglasses, music note bead necklaces, rock candy, smiley face stickers (more of a 70s vibe there but I don't think the kids noticed the party theme discrepancy), and a pink zebra pattern balloon. The parents were really excited about the rock candy, let me tell you, especially on top of the bubblegum flavored cupcakes provided by James and the Giant Cupcake (best. cupcakes. ever.).

Decorations were simple - black and white streamers that I already had on hand from previous events and a set of musical note whirls, I think they're called, that I hung around the room.

There was a "baby mosh pit" - essentially a miniature ball pit using a bag of 100 soft plastic balls and a plastic sled I bought for about $2 at Target (why our Target sells snow stuff is a little beyond me...to take to Tahoe, where they also aren't getting a whole lot of snow this year??). The ball pit was a hit, especially with the older kids who enjoyed throwing the balls at each other.

With that, the 1st birthday is in the bag! Baby no. 2 transitions to part-time daycare this month so hopefully, maybe, you'll start seeing a few more posts here in the near future. Stay tuned!

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