little by little

Now that I have some child-free dedicated work time each week, I'm slowly but surely updating the shop, revising some listings that were previously offered as DIY files only (I design, you print) and reactivating some more labor-intensive designs I wasn't able to manage while a full-time stay-at-home mom over the past year, like my popular destination wedding airplane boarding pass/ticket suite.

There are still only 8 designs in the wedding invites category and "babies & birthdays" needs a lot of work, but the shop is getting there. I believe I had around 100 active listings before baby #2 was born so I have some work to do. I'm hoping that all listings will be reactivated and/or updated by about the end of March.

I've also transferred over all paper-related products from my other shop MakeryFresh. So now RBG Color Design will offer more stationery, original screenprints, and digital art prints (MakeryFresh will continue to focus on felt phone cases for Android - both ready-to-send and custom listings - and a few Mother's Cookies inspired products). I'm working on a couple of iPhone case designs using my original screenprints as part of the design. Stay tuned for those new products and more design updates in the next month or so!

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