mama's back!

Baby no. 2, born last February, transitions to part-time daycare this month so after a year of unsuccessfully trying to sneak in a little work during naps and after kids' bedtimes I'll now have three days of dedicated work time. With an older kid in elementary school they won't exactly be full days but I'll have at least 4 hours to work each day Tuesday through Thursday. Hopefully I'll be able to check in during the budding toddler's nap on Mondays and Fridays as well, when I'll be otherwise hanging out with her. My long-term plan is to keep her at three days for now, up her to four days when she gets to preschool in a couple of years, and then work 4 to 5 hours each weekday during school hours when both kids are in public school. That's the 5(ish) years plan. Phew! How moms truly "work at home" with any number of kids toddling around is beyond me. I was able to get this business up and running during the few months my first kid was taking 2 to 3 hour naps each afternoon, right after he transitioned from two naps to one (as he approached 2 those naps got shorter and shorter and then disappeared altogether but that's another story for another blog!), but other than that, I get so little done when I have at least one of them in tow! Hats off to mamas who can swing it. I ain't one of 'em. So off to part-time daycare baby no. 2 goes! And fortunately for us, the daycare provider who watched my son a few days a week when he was around this age had a part-time spot open for her!

Anyway, enough about working mom stuff. To celebrate her first year and my little bit of dedicated work time moving forward, I've added two new designs to the shop - her snowflake themed birth announcement sent last winter right after she was born:

...and the rock star themed 1st birthday party invitations I sent out last month:

Both designs are available in the shop, along with favor tags and thank you notes to go along with the rock star theme.

Check it out! For more details on the party itself and the few other crafty projects I tackled, check out my other blog.

Speaking of birthdays, I also added another new design last week - "landmark year" birthday party invites I created for my big brother's 40th last fall. These would be great for those decade birthdays - 30th, 40th, 50th, etc. The year, associated "landmark" facts, and details are, of course, fully customizable. Stay tuned for more updates here and new designs in the coming weeks. It was awesome to devote an entire year to my baby girl but it also feels great to get back to work. More soon!

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