one name, one shop, one blog

...to rule them all! Just kidding. If you follow me or my main Etsy shop on Facebook or Twitter, you may know that I've been chipping away at a re-branding project that has not only had me obsessing over my business name (previously RBG Color Design, now Color Bird Studio) but also attempting to merge my creative efforts as much as possible. My other shop has not done well for a couple of years now and to be honest, I'm just tired of compartmentalizing my life, especially my professional and/or creative pursuits. So for any readers I have left out there who may not be that interested in wedding stationery, take comfort in the fact that I didn't update that blog all that often. I'm hoping that merging my more commercial design work with my more crafty or even artistic endeavors will strengthen both, open some doors to new possibilities in the future of Color Bird Studio, and in general help to maintain my sanity with just one shop to manage, one social media effort across Facebook and Twitter, one blog (this blog) to update, etc.

And for any readers that may follow me over from sites that were previously unique to RBG Color Design, yeah, you may be reading about So You Think You Can Dance in the near future. I hope you don't mind.

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