Christmas in July

We're nearing the end of week 2 of the 6 year old's schedule of summer camps and I've been a busy little bee, adding three new custom holiday photo card designs to the shop today. First up, a "year in review" design I created for my own family three years ago:

In fact, all three additions to the shop today began as personal designs, but to be honest, I'm almost always thinking of how I can use a design in my shop when I create something new. Especially if I think a design is versatile enough to appeal to folks outside my small circle, like this card I designed after our first trip to Disneyland:

Finally, this is the card my family sent out this past holiday season, based almost exclusively on my desire to use a round circle card instead of a square or rectangular format:

We had fun taking the pictures for this one and while the youngest member of our family was a little cut off from the front design (it was hard to squeeze four faces in - this was the best we got, which, all things considered, wasn't half-bad), she got the spotlight on the back:

Peekaboo! I downloaded a fish eye lens app to my smart phone, which is how we got that rounded quality to the image, meant to mimic the reflection on a Christmas tree ornament. Do you think we pulled it off?

Oh my gosh, it's like we're there in the room, looking into a glass ornament!! In other news, I also added a new wedding invitation design (more about that one later), added more cheerleader pom pom cards to my ready-to-send inventory, and have two new invite designs in the works ... Stay tuned!

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