'tis the season...to get engaged

Yep, as of this time last week, it's officially "engagement season." The holidays - between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day - tend to be a popular time for people to propose to one another, with the most popular day to get engaged being Christmas Eve, or so I've heard. If you Google "engagement season", you'll see it's become a bit of a thing. Here is Jezebel's predictably cranky rant about it, and I quote:

"According to the AP, almost 40 percent of engagements occur during this particular stretch of the year—hence jewelers salivating over potential sales"
Add pretty much any other wedding vendor to that drooling mix. Nah, I'm just playing. But seriously, if you get engaged during "engagement season" or otherwise throughout the year, I've got you covered.

The classic - a wedding save-the-date "bookmark" to let folks know you two are ready for the next chapter (get it?). Add a generous helping of nostalgia with this design based on a photobooth film strip (photobooth not required).

The Hipster - a save-the-date postcard with speech bubbles. Need I say more? Send it ironically or not, I certainly won't judge you.

The Rustic - a more traditional save-the-date format for that minimal and/or winter wedding. There's a wedding invitation to go with this one.

The Destination - I have a couple of variations on this one, but you get the idea. Will most of your guests be flying somewhere, domestic or international, or do you just have a love of old biplanes? This may be the wedding save-the-date for you. And yeah, there's a coordinating invitation for this one, too.

Happy engagement season, y'all! And for everyone else, did I mention I make custom holiday cards, too?

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