It's been quite some time since my last post. A couple weeks of SYTYCD, I believe. I'm a little preoccupied and probably will be for awhile, although I am finding a bit of time here and there to blog about the latest adventure taking up all my time. It took us a full week to watch the June 25th and 26th episodes, in little chunks of time here and there while our latest collaboration either slept on his own or in our arms. Either way, I'm a pretty distracted viewer. I thought we'd have tons of time to watch t.v., being on "house arrest," as it were, but for now at least, even sitting down for our evening veg time is a challenge.

So I'll probably be signing off for a bit, but I hope to be back later this summer...or maybe sometime this fall! Somehow, I need to find time to transition from CS2 to CS3 (and brush up on my Flash skills) before I teach a class on the topic beginning in September. Should be an interesting summer!