Arts manager by day, visual artist/crafty generalist/dance enthusiast by night. I have a fine arts background and 15 years of professional experience in arts administration, education, and visual communication. I was born on Guam and spent my childhood in California, Iowa, Nevada, Virginia, Germany, and England, eventually landing in Bend, Oregon. After one year, three jobs, one drawing class, and one snow-related fender bender, I hitched the smallest U-Haul trailer to my Ford Escort and moved again, this time south to the San Francisco Bay Area. I eventually transferred to UC Berkeley where I changed my major from pre-Vet to Art Practice & French. Between college and grad school I worked as an arts administrator for two non-profit organizations. During grad school, I stopped painting, started screenprinting, and became increasingly interested in creating occasionally interactive multi-media installations that include both hand-made elements and digital media.

Aside from a four-year detour to attend grad school, I've lived in five apartments and one house in Oakland, California since 1998. In 2010 I established Color Bird Studio, specializing in handmade wedding invitations and other paper crafts. I also, on occasion, make and sell felt phone cases for Android powered gadgets, a product of the Makery, once a weekly blog project (but pretty much defunct these days).

And yes, Bird is really my middle name. So as not to be confused with this gal (or this one, for that matter) when I got married I dropped my original middle name, Ann, shifted my maiden name Bird over one spot, and took my husband's last name. Rebecca Bird Grigsby. Like Lady Bird Johnson.

Questions? Email me at becky {at} rebeccabirdgrigsby {dot} com.

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