art for a future, take two post-inauguration

After the election, I wrote about wanting to revive this project, finally putting to use the 500 postcards I had printed with this design about ten years ago, while a grad TA for Chantal Zakari's 'Publish!' course at SMFA.

This is on the reverse of each of the cards below (and in the series).
Not surprisingly, I had no takers on the interactive element, so after the inauguration, I decided to use them myself. Every day since January 20th, I've used the back of one of these 6 x 8 inch postcards to record something somewhat positive or, more recently, as I continue to find my way with the project, something resistance-related that happened that day. Here are some of my favorites so far:

When I've missed a day for one reason or another (only three times so far), I try to catch up the next day using two postcards together in a way that makes sense, both visually and conceptually.

If you'd like to follow along, I'm posting these on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but if you're only interested in 'art for a future' and don't care so much for pictures of my kids or other political rants, I have a tumblr devoted to this project alone. You can follow along there.