fresh from the Makery: Britney Spears ornaments

The Makery is back!  And how fitting that I should choose to use up some mysteriously acquired Britney Spears stickers for my comeback project, no?

As often happens lately, I'm not 100% satisfied with the final product.  I think in order for these to work as ornaments, they should perhaps be round.  As is they look more like bookmarks, which was my original idea but later decided Christmas tree ornaments made way more sense.  Rounder and shinier.  But as is, in addition to stickers of Brit on the front and back, they include a hand-embroiderd heart outline around her face:

...and a red gemstone used to dot the "i":

The stickers I discovered during our recent cross-country move (the primary reason for the Makery's several months long hiatus).  I can't recall if I bought these myself or if they were some sort of gag gift (I remember Neal sent me the CD of her second album while I was participating in a work exchange program one summer in France...I swore it was a gag gift but secretly listened to that CD all summer), but either way they seemed fitting material to use for the Makery's comeback project.  Britney is making a comeback, right?

I have enough stickers to make ten of these and may continue tweaking them.  But for the time being, I'll be giving one away here, and the rest will be available for purchase in my other Etsy shop.  Need to add a little Britney to your Christmas tree? Leave me a comment on this post and I'll add your name to the drawing at the end of the week.

C'mon, you know you want to.


If Etsy had been around when I got hitched: Just Wright Boutique

I've seen a lot of great alternatives to the traditional wedding guest book on Etsy (we went with the Polaroid photo album, which - now that Polaroid film is no longer made - might no longer be an option).  I'm particularly fond of the boxes where guests can write the couple a special, slightly more private message, and file it away alphabetically, like this one from Just Wright Boutique:

Maybe I like the tidiness of the filing system because I worked in an office for several years?  Either way, I love the idea of guests including their contact information, allowing the new couple to acquire a joint address book on their wedding day. 


snowflake motif added just in time for winter weddings

After perusing Etsy's Alchemy feature, I decided to design a winter wedding invitation ensemble around a snowflake motif. Even though I have a couple of designs that I think would work well for winter (this star motif in turquoise and brown for example, or the turquoise and red ensemble...maybe without the daisy motif) I didn't have anything that really captured the essence of a winter wedding.  I love the "night" blue paper from Paper Source and thought pairing that with white and silver would make for a really elegant winter palette.

I wanted to keep the design fairly simple and budget-friendly but also, of course, very unique and elegant.  I like the combination of printing graphic elements alongside the more tangible quality of using the paper punches and I think the result (snowflakes in three different sizes and shapes) is complex but sophisticated.  Not to toot my own horn, but yeah, I'm pretty happy with this latest design. Hopefully I've added it to my shop in time for the winter brides-to-be perusing all the stationery talent on Etsy and elsewhere.  As always, feel free to contact me for an initial consultation (about this or any other design you might be interested in) at no charge!

Mother's Cookies are back!

See what happens when I create a separate blog for the only thing I've been blogging about lately? But I've been thinking about blogging about all sorts of stuff.  If only I could blog directly from my brain, you know? Like on the way home from Target today, I could have blogged about the Mother's Cookies frosted circus animal cookies I was sampling right there in the car.  I'd heard rumors that Kellogg's had indeed resumed making the tasty little critters but had yet to spy them in any stores.  Despite a ridiculous sweet tooth, I guess I don't actually wander down the cookie aisle all that frequently.  But lo and behold, there they were.  You can read more about how learning about the company's demise last year led me first to make these cards for the Makery, which I shortly thereafter redesigned for sale in my Etsy shop, which I eventually tweaked a third time and that's the version I offer now.

I forget how I landed on this blog, but I like her comparison, especially the response of her 3 year old daughter (she happened to have a bag of the Halloween version, produced by the Oakland-based company before they went out of business...seeing the Halloween version, which was not, sadly, for sale at Target today, inspired these cards...okay, no more plugs, promise!). 

I agree that the new cookie seems crunchier, but otherwise I enjoyed them as much as I remember enjoying the old version.  On the one hand, I don't have a bag of the original cookies to compare.  On the other hand, maybe I'm just not as picky as Mary Cooks and her crew and/or maybe they weren't addicted to these cookies in the first place.  That said, I probably shouldn't plan on buying/eating this new version too often.  But I'm happy to have the option!


If Etsy had been around when I got hitched: Enchanting Soap Favors

When I started this blog series, I did it with the intention of showcasing shops with few sales but great potential. But I keep coming across fantastic wedding ideas from shops that are doing pretty well...And I can see why! So why not include them in the series of items I wish I'd had access to while planning my wedding five years ago. Like these clever little floral soap favors from Enchanting Soap Favors:

I love the cala lilly favors pictured above but of course would have had to go with the daisy version since the details of my wedding day revolved in large part around this humble little flower:

My only request would be to offer more custom colors, but otherwise what a great idea to consider including in your over table decor!


Mother's Cookies Notecards - Halloween Edition

With the four Halloween items added to my shop during the last couple of weeks of August, I thought I was all set for the official start to the holiday season...until I remembered that Mother's Cookies always produced a Halloween version of their irresistible frosted circus animals around this time each year. Since I had some orange felt on hand, I decide to make a Halloween version of my "homage to Mother's Cookies" folded notecards:

And of course, you can still find the classic pink and white version here. I'm working on a custom order of five of these little notes (and five of the embroidered felt donut cards) for a friend. I don't know what it is about those embroidered French knots - I never get tired of making them! After polishing off a dozen donuts from Peterson's Donut Corner with my husband over the last couple of days (picked up on our way home from a short visit to Escondido), I figure making felt versions of cookies and donuts is a huge improvement for my diet!


If Etsy had been around when I got hitched: Mackensley Designs

My husband and I created most of our wedding day details ourselves but one task that snuck up on me was setting aside some sort of space for guests to leave their cards, particularly important since so many guests buy directly from online registries these days and bring only their paper goods to the actual event. What we came up with - a simple, turquoise box - worked just fine but I would have loved something like this custom wedding card box by Mackensley Designs (which would have coordinated perfectly with our turquoise and red wedding invitations!).


paper*punch*press discovers embossing

I went to Paper Source yesterday to buy supplies for the wedding invitation order I'm currently working on and, as usual, left with all that was on my list...and then some, including this embossing heat tool. As far as invitations go, I've actually never been all that seduced by lettering that was either raised on top of (for example engraving or thermography) or pressed into the paper (letterpress). Flat printing is just fine by me (although I have to admit I'd love to one day offer my customers with a couple of these options). But I was totally sold on the detail added by embossed stamping and left the store with the heat tool, a watermark pad, a new rubber stamp, and some embossing powder. My first embossing experiment involved tweaking the customized Halloween party invites I posted last week. Here's what I came up with instead:

I reserved the embossed detail for the outer envelope, just above the return address label, echoed on the invite itself and pairing nicely with the punched out bat border.

And today I tweaked the third set of mini notes I posted several weeks ago.  I thought I'd play with the yellow and blue color combo but just couldn't quite get the blue ink to match.  I love the paper paired like that but I may need to introduce a third, darker color (purple, perhaps?) for the actual printing of the text.  What I came up with instead are these yellow and purple mini thank you notes (calling card size - each measures 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches) with the embossed butterfly stamp in the lower right-hand corner:

Here's  a detail of the embossed butterfly stamp:

Both items are available in my Etsy shop: the customized invites are $25 for a set of 12 and the butterfly mini notes are $5 for a set of 10.  I have a couple of ideas for new wedding invitation designs that will incorporate the embossing tool into my current process so stay tuned for that!


If Etsy had been around when I got hitched: Namesake Design

I got married in the spring of 2005, just a few months before Etsy was launched.  With the Internet in general I often wonder how people got by without it.  How did people gather basic facts about a business, how did one find out how to get somewhere, how did families stay in touch??  Similarly, I often come across an amazing wedding vendor or product on Etsy and momentarily daydream about how I could have incorporated that particular item into my event details.  I always joked with my fiance-now-husband that our wedding was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience because even if our relationship went south I would never plan another wedding.  Wedding planning is a lot of work but when all is said and done, you find yourself forever drawn to the kind of excitement and promise that an event in planning holds.  And if you did any of it yourself, you probably feel qualified to become a wedding vendor yourself (which is pretty much how paper*punch*press began!).

On that note, I'm starting a new series of blog posts that will highlight a different Etsy wedding vendor every Sunday.  For my inaugural post: Custom Coloring Book Favors by Namesake Design:


Quite a few children attended our wedding and the DJ and dance floor kept them pretty well entertained but I would have loved to have something like this during dinner, especially for the younger ones.  Namesake Design does a fantastic job on these at a really reasonable price (happy kids equal happy parents!); check out their shop and blog for more details.


online shopping is hard work

As promised, here are two more Halloween items added to the shop today - both qualify for my weekend deal, Labor Day edition.  Get 20% off all Halloween items (stock up early!) now through Monday, September 7th.  20% off customized invitations for your Halloween party:

I love how subtle the bottom border is - you don't notice right away that it's actually bats!  Also just added are these write-in invites which, for a bit extra, can also be customized:

Also on sale, as noted in my previous blog post, are these mini notes (trick or treat!) and these folded notecards (part of the Knotty French line).  That takes care of all my seasonal offerings (for now - I've already got a couple of ideas for Christmas).
Happy long weekend!


early bird Halloween weekend deal

For the Labor Day holiday weekend only, now through Monday, September 7th, I'm offering 20% off all Halloween items - stock up early!  I have two items in the shop now with a couple more on the way today and tomorrow.  First up is a set of 5 "trick or treat" mini notes in green, purple, and black, with a black cat motif - use them as calling cards at that Halloween bash or as gift enclosures:

Also on sale are these candy corn cards, part of the Knotty French series (using felt and embroidered French knots to create a diet-friendly version of the classic Halloween treat that you can send to a friend):

Enter "weekend deal" in your message to seller upon checkout and the discount will be refunded to you via PayPal.  And check back here for updates on additional Halloween items on sale over the next couple of days!

not another blog!

That's right, folks. I was hesitant to compartmentalize my life on the Internet even further by creating a separate blog and Twitter account for my Etsy endeavors for fear of having little to write about here but that's just what I've gone and done. Some of you may be relieved; for the rest, you can keep up on all the latest products added to the shop, design back-stories, real weddings and events, and special deals here and here. And maybe this will motivate me to resume the Makery and watch more television in an effort to have something to blog about. Oh yeah, and make art and stuff.

Just one last thing - I'm offering an early bird Labor Day weekend deal on Halloween items in my shop. 20% off this:

and this:

and a couple more items that I'll add today or tomorrow - the sale lasts now through Monday, September 7th. Halloween is just around the corner, folks! Check the blog or Twitter for product updates over the next few days.


only the best for your vampire wedding

This is the latest wedding invitation design added to my shop, the back-story for which originally appeard on my other blog:

After putting together the dragonfly motif wedding invitation ensemble for 'The OC's' Summer and Seth, I found some black paper printed with red dragonflies. That particular motif seems to be the invite that gets the most views and inquiries (nibbles, nibbles, but, alas, no bites...no pun intended once you've read ahead) so I thought it might not be a bad idea to put together an alternate mock-up, using the decorative paper as a jumping off point, which is the first time the design has come from my materials instead of the couple, real or otherwise. I actually had a hard time with that part until Rain suggested Sookie and Bill from 'True Blood,' a show I wasn't terribly familiar with before but have requested that Neal add to our Netflix queue after doing some research in order to create a wedding invitation ensemble for their fictional union.

It's a little steep in price, mainly because I've used almost all the tricks in my bag: heavy-weight folder, multiple layers, separate reception card, envelope liner, decorative paper...It was fun to do one design that incorporated a bunch of different components.

Oh, and, like a few of the other fictional couples I've drawn inspiration from, the actors who play Sookie and Bill - Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer - are engaged in real life. Of course, most of those other couples have since split so hopefully my mock invitation isn't some sort of relationship jinx. Now that would be bad for business.

new products and my first real customer

Occasionally I make other paper goods to sell in my Etsy shop, including other stationery in the paper*punch*press line as well as a new line of products collectively titled Knotty French, which use felt and embroidered French knots to recreate diet-friendly versions of some of my favorite sweets (I have a horrible sweet tooth!). This post originally appeared on my other blog just a couple of weeks ago:

My audience of one in this extended one-woman show finally decided to give me a little bit of a mid-day break most days this week, so I've had a chance to catch up on a few things, foolishly prioritizing making stuff over the sleep this cold of mine needs in order to leave already. The trilogy of miniature stationery was completed with these yellow and blue thank you cards featuring a dragonfly motif that, in hindsight, looks more like a palm tree:

The yellow paper is layered over a blue that pretty closely matches a 100% cyan ink, but I think I might tweak it and layer it over Paper Source's "pool" blue instead, a color combination I fell in love with while working on the paper portion of a proof for an actual client last week (imagine, wedding invitations created for real people!). Exciting, huh? The challenge was to incorporate three additional wedding colors into an already pretty complex design and palette but I'm pretty happy with the way things worked out. I'll post some images once all is said and done.

I've also been brainstorming ideas for additions to a new line of products in my shop called "Knotty French" (the French are so naughty, after all), in a style similar to the Mother's Cookies cards that were born from the creative loins of the Makery (hmm, that's always a little funnier when other people write it) and eventually made their revised way to my more stationery-based Etsy shop. Making felt versions of sugary foods, embellished with embroidered French knots, is almost as fun as eating the real deal. Almost. So, perhaps inspired by the donut habit I picked up during my four years in Boston, I created these, using a bit of the huge stack of beige felt leftover from those DIY cat carrier covers I made at the beginning of this whole cross-country move business.

What else can I top with sprinkles?

Needless to say, I've been spending a lot of time tweaking existing products, creating new ones, and generally trying to promote my shop. Some days I fear I might resemble that contestant on American Idol who really needs to be told, for the first time in all of his 19 years, that he can't actually sing, and then other days I feel like the shop has real potential, like I'm on the verge of something good. I love reading Etsy's spotlight on successful sellers who've quit their day jobs. I always wonder what would happen if my shop had hundreds of sales and I were the seller being featured, how would I answer the questions they typically ask, since I didn't exactly quit my day job, I just haven't been able to find one. The part I get the biggest kick out of is when they ask the featured seller to walk them through a typical day (if you have a kid you'll understand why I laugh until milk comes out of my nose when I read about how somebody wakes up at 8 a.m. without an alarm clock, as if that's an example of their work ethic and they need say no more). So in the spirit of pursuing the creative life full-time, let me walk you through a typical day in my own personal spotlight of the whole not-totally-by-choice stay-at-home-artist-mom thing:

*wake up, on average (some mornings we're up by 5 - without using an alarm clock...mmm hmmm, that's right), around 6 or 6:30 and try to decide if a few more minutes of sleep (while the husband fetches the baby) is worth sacrificing a morning shower

*attempt to clean, clothe, and feed every living creature in the household, while making my Internet rounds, which, if I'm lucky, might include reading - but not having time to respond to - an Etsy convo, before 8 when the husband goes off to his day job

*finish getting ready for the day while the baby plays nearby, mostly supervised

*figure out how to keep baby entertained and maintain sanity until the stars align and make a long afternoon nap happen

*IF this magical thing happens, I can respond to that convo I read in the morning and have been thinking about ever since (baby, what baby?)

*more likely scenario involves baby not napping OR baby naps but there's no convo to respond to, no orders to fulfill, giving me an hour and a half or two to obsess over shop details, samples sold and convos answered that haven't yet turned into orders, and doodle ideas for new products; on a really good day, I might actually make, photograph, and list an item but, like a comet, that happens very infrequently

*after the baby wakes up from or refuses altogether to nap, we usually run errands, stock up on supplies, that sorta thing

*the husband finishes work around 4 or 5, depending on the day, at which point I promptly hand over the baby; this is the best time to photograph stuff in, unfortunately, the baby's room

*if I don't have anything in progress to work on, I exercise, because, at the end of the day, at least I have my health

*between 5 and 8 we feed, entertain, and bathe the baby, then we try, with a hope and a prayer, to put the baby to bed

*some nights I'm too physically tired and my brain won't function the way I need it to to continue to work on anything Etsy-related or otherwise; if I'm in the middle of something, say, trying to figure out how to design a wedding invitation ensemble with six colors, I'll stay up as late as midnight or so trying to work it out because I know if I don't I'll just toss and turn thinking about it

*but midnight is my cut-off; you have to have boundaries, after all

RBG Color presents paper*punch*press

Shortly after relocating my family and business from Boston to Oakland, I started to tweak my shop a bit, starting with a new name for my signature line of invites.  Here's the lowdown, which originally appeared on my other blog in late July 2009, just a few weeks after our cross-country move:

Despite the fact that a significant portion of our new living room is still covered with unopened boxes (books, meh), I've been spending much of my spare time the past few days getting back into the swing of things that is the little slice of my life that does not involve changing diapers, mostly as it relates to searching for a 9 to 5 job and, not completely unrelated (I've submitted one whopping job application since landing on the west coast two weeks ago), as it concerns my more entrepreneurial efforts over at Etsy. While the Makery is still on hiatus, my stationery shop is open and receiving a bit of a face lift.

It's not that I'm fickle. I like 'RBG Color' (my initials and a spin on the RGB Color Model) but I guess I was feeling like it wasn't terribly descriptive of what I have to offer in the shop. So should I ever get a business license or something so official, my business name would probably still be RBG Color (, LLC or something fancy like that), but I've added a new name to the series of invites I have in the shop so far: paper * punch * press. "Paper" and "press" are obvious enough, even though I don't really use any kind of press. "Punch" refers, primarily, to the paper punches I use, typically associated with scrapbooking. I also like throwing "punch" in there because it's both celebratory (like, fruit punch) and aggressive, two sentiments I think just about any bride-to-be can understand pretty darn well. Plus, there's the alliteration. Always fun. And hopefully catchy.

Other than a new banner, I also took advantage of a promotion on the new digital printing services over at 4by6.com to order some business cards, paying only the CA tax (which, by the way, is almost double that of MA...score one for Boston) and shipping. Nice timing, huh?

Now what am I going to do with 100 business cards?


This post, which originally appeared on my other blog, before I started this one, was written while I still lived in Boston, before moving my family and business back to Oakland, California:

This just in - my first (and hopefully not last) bit of press! Danielle Brown, who writes the Boston Party Planning Examiner column, contacted me last week about featuring my invites in a future article. I was of course totally excited and encouraging and offered to rush right out and send any samples she might want. I like this bit the best, "These invitations are as classy as any you’ll find in a stationery shop, but as unique as any invitation you designed yourself." You can read the full article here. Now I sit back and wait for the snowball effect to kick in, right??

I am indeed antsy to promote my entrepreneurial efforts a bit better and crank out some new designs and ideas rattling around in my head, but of course have about a million other more pressing things to work on at the moment. Hopefully later this summer after the dust settles a bit...

the invitation that started it all

I wrote more about the invitation that started it all on my other blog in late May 2009:

Anyone who keeps up with me on various social networking sites (oh yeah, did I mention I'm on Twitter now?) will have already seen this...a couple of times. But I thought I'd post a couple of pics of the latest wedding invitation design here anyway. You know, just in case. Wouldn't want anyone to slip through the cracks.

Look familiar? This design is based on the invitation that started it all, in other words, the invitation I came up with for my own wedding 4+ years ago after deciding that everything I liked was over my very modest budget. Like, way over my budget. Like, four times my budget! And as weird as it might seem to offer to make essentially the same invite for someone else, this color combination (which, when described to those curious about our wedding plans pre-wedding, was always met with a response along the lines of, "oh, that's very...interesting") has always been one of my faves and I do love the daisy (although, had my wedding been in late summer instead of early spring, I would have gone with zinnias), so it wouldn't be fair not to offer it as an option in the olde Etsy shoppe.

The main reason I redid the design is that I only kept one of the originals, you know, for the scrapbook. And while I was at it, I made a couple of minor changes, primarily to the font and adding the daisy accent to the ribbon around the response set. The only thing I didn't add because I don't have any left and I'm not sure I can find it is the tissue paper I used between the invite itself and the response set in the overall assembly. If I find it, I'll add it, or offer it up with another design.

a butterfly motif wedding ensemble

The introduction of this ensemble originally appeared on my other blog in mid-April 2009:

Since I'm using fictional characters from, in some cases, current t.v. shows, I guess I should warn you that the wedding invitation ensembles in my Etsy shop do occasionally contain spoilers. So consider yourself warned, especially if you haven't been watching t.v. for a couple of years and are just now catching up on the likes of House and The Office. And in most cases, the fictional weddings for which these fictional characters come to me for their invitations are only extrapolations, if you will. I don't think any of the fictional couples I'm using for inspiration have actually gotten hitched.

Now that that's out of the way, let me introduce the latest design, just posted to the shop earlier today.

I have one more spring/summer ensemble that I hope to post by the weekend and then I think I'll take a break from designing wedding invitations until I have the opportunity to do it for a real couple.

finding inspiration in fictional unions

Before I started this blog, I announced the launch of my signature line of custom invitations and stationery on my other blog.  Here's what I wrote back in April 2009, just a few days after my 4th wedding anniversary:

I am very pleased to finally be blogging about my invitation design "business" that I just this week launched via Etsy, over four years after I created my own wedding invitations, plus invitation ensembles for friends' baby showers, housewarmings, and birthday parties between then and now.

I was dragging my heels on this project for a couple of reasons. For starters, I needed to create a portfolio in order to give potential clients an idea of what I could offer them, but I was having a hard time creating mock invitation ensembles completely from scratch. So I (likely with Neal's - that's my husband! - help although the details are fuzzy at this point) decided to create wedding invitations for fictional unions, drawing inspiration from characters on some of my favorite t.v. shows. For example, The O.C.'s Summer and Seth chose a dragonfly motif for their wedding invitations, set against a palette of chartreuse, plum, and beet (a.k.a. green, light purple, and dark purple).

Gilmore Girls' Lorelei and Luke went with a fall-inspired theme for their marriage celebration at the Dragonfly Inn, naturally.

And Drs. Cameron and Chase took a break from House to prepare for a New Year's Eve bash that celebrated their recent elopement with a star confetti ensemble in white, dark brown, and light blue – a contemporary twist on the traditional black and white color scheme.

I'm still working on a spring ensemble (which should round out the seasonal offerings) for The Office's Pam and Jim, which I had hoped to have up by the time I officially launched and announced the shop, but their invitation requires a few more items I haven't had a chance to run out and acquire. That invite should be up by next weekend, at the latest.

The other thing holding me up, even as I began to execute some of these ideas, was the daunting task of creating yet another website. I was slow to join the Etsy bandwagon, even though the site was launched just a couple of months after Neal and I got hitched. I've had the shop name, rbgcolor, for awhile, but only recently had the idea to move all the non-paper crafts stuff (primarily products from the Makery) to another shop and focus this one on invitations, paper goods, and general design fun. I'd still like to create a basic site to showcase examples from my portfolio for which I don't necessarily have samples to sell, as well as some textual stuff that won't fit within Etsy's shop format, but for now, the shop is up and running and I'm just waiting for the orders to pour in.

What other fictional t.v. characters can I create invitations for?

About RBG Color Design

After weeks of researching invitations for my spring 2005 wedding, I still couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted something whimsical, but not overly feminine; something with bold but elegant colors and motifs; something handmade but polished, clean, and professional; and above all, I was looking for a unique, custom wedding invitation experience with attention to detail and superb customer service. Never finding just what I was looking for, I decided to go the DIY route. All of that searching allowed me to pinpoint the details I wanted to incorporate and after a couple more weeks of researching methods and materials, I came up with a clean, simple, completely handmade ensemble that included a daisy motif against a white, turquoise, and red palette.

Shortly after getting married, my husband and I moved to Boston, where I continued to pursue my interests in art, craft, and design during the four years we spent there. Along the way to a MFA in Studio Art, I spent a year working at a stationery boutique learning the finer points of both traditional and contemporary wedding invitation design and etiquette, and created invitation ensembles for a friend's baby shower, a co-worker's Halloween-themed housewarming gathering, a family party, and even a couple of my own art projects. I have taken (and subsequently taught) courses in screenprinting and graphic design, among other things, learning more about publication design software, designing for print, and repeat pattern screenprinting.

Offered by RBG Color Design, a Paper Crafts and Design Studio, Paper Punch Press, my signature line of unique, contemporary, and completely handmade invitations and stationery, was started in spring 2009. My invitations emphasize overall design, creative color combinations, and die cut motifs with duplex layering.  At this time, I use Etsy for all of my transactions (sample invitation packs are available!); visit my shop for more details on pricing, policies, and how to get started.

Please note that all of the designs you see here and in the shop can be customized with different paper and ink colors, motifs, fonts, etc. I'm also happy to work within a specific budget. Contact me for an initial consultation at no charge.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Your Name :
Your Email :
Subject :
Message :
Image (case-sensitive):


Let's get started!

I offer initial consultations at no charge! You can contact me through Etsy's "convo" system (just hop on over to my shop, scroll down a bit, and click on "contact rbgcolor") or, if you're new to Etsy, feel free to email me directly at rbgrigsby [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to hearing from you!