Despite spending the past year mostly blogging about my seemingly endless battle with clutter (and how to creatively transform that clutter), after a week of eating dinner on the floor and sleeping on an air mattress that requires a nightly topping off (and still isn't that comfortable, even after a west coast upgrade), I am pretty much living for Friday, when we're schedule to receive and unload our Pod. In fact, our moving crate is already in the area, having arrived in nearby Hayward today but because of schedules and parking permits and other such nonsense, Friday is still the earliest we can get at it.

Can't. Wait.

More on the move later, as well as the bizarre but ultimately pretty great experience of being back in my old/new neighborhood.


shake your booty

Alright, folks, here they are, the long awaited SYTYCD booty - I mean, "cheerleader" - shorts.

I can't remember now why I wanted to make these (although I guess I do have a bit of a history of ironing velour letters onto cotton apparel), but make them I did. Good luck getting me into these things, though, so they're up for grabs on my Etsy shop. The shorts are 100% cotton, gray, "ladies" size medium, and the letters are hot pink (dare I say my favorite color these days?) and white.

And that's it for my crafty ways until the dust settles for us on the other side of the country in about a month or so. Unfortunately, the number of boxes I've yet to pack greatly outweigh the unfinished projects on my ongoing to-do list.

As for the show, I feel like the dancers are finally hitting their stride (so far, at least, as the night's episode is only about halfway over as I type this). I was really disappointed the judges eliminated Katee's roommate when they did (I can't remember her name! That's what happens when you wait several weeks to blog about it...). Otherwise the show got off to a great start with that very first number choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. I'm enjoying their numbers as much as I did last summer, as well as routines put together by Dave Scott, Shane Sparks, of course, and even Mia Michaels. I still think she's a tad overrated but was pleasantly surprised by the group number she did on last week's results show. As for the dancers, I think the gals overall are pretty strong, although I think Caitlin and Karla need to get their hands a little dirtier, if you know what I mean. Of the guys, I like Chbeeb for what he does and his personality, but I haven't been all that impressed with how he's handled the choreography he's been dealt. My faves are Ade and Vitolio, with Evan a close third. Yeah, so I pretty much like just about everyone still. I have a hard time picking out favorites until we get to the top 10. 'Til then...