fresh from the Makery: a belated happy holidays!

My holiday greeting to you, like my cards this year, is late.  I made my cards, I think for the first time ever, which is hard for me to believe considering I've spent most of the past dozen or so years making art and stuff and selling paper goods in some capacity.  It's kind of like going for a manicure, I guess - the manicurist never has time to do her own nails, you know?

But not this year.  This year, of all years (trying to essentially launch a business while caring for a budding toddler full-time is no easy feat - lots of folks do it, I'm sure, but not me, at least, not gracefully), I decided to make my own, mainly because I spied these stickers standing in the check-out line at Michael's.

Pink on a Christmas card!

I used the sticker as the envelope seal and the rest of the design of the card came from this small detail, including the palette - chartreuse, turquoise, and red - to the illustration used on the front (vintage ornament silhouettes, of course)...

 ...and the flashy red paper used for the envelope liner.

Here's to an equally sparkly 2010!


vote for me!

After voting for someone else's project, I figured what the heck, right?  I have a few holiday projects under my belt, after all.  So I submitted my Mother's Cookies Holiday Circus Animal ornaments to the Michael's Handmade Holidays contest.

You can rate all the projects that have been submitted to the site (click here to rate mine!). Up for grabs are Michael's gift cards each week and a grand prize that involves a trip to New York City to see the Martha Stewart show (including an unofficial detour to the Doughnut Plant...yum).

So you should vote for me...I don't get out much (evidenced by the fact that I make animal cookies out of felt).


orange is the new red & green

Thanks to regular reader and "Fiskateer" Kimberlee, aka Java Diva, one of the lead Fiskateers, Angela, contacted me a few days ago about being a guest blogger on their site. I was honored to have been asked and got to work right away on this candied orange slice ornament (orange is their thing, you know, as in the orange handles on Fiskars products, and I've been wanting to do a candied orange slice project with the French embroidered knots I've been obsessed with lately, and the project seemed timely, what with the whole citrus at Christmas tradition...). You can read more here.

I'm not giving this one away, or putting it up for sale in my Etsy shop. Nope, I think I'll add it to my own tree that we plan to get and decorate next weekend (which means Christmas is less than three weeks away...WHAT?!).

Now back to the online Christmas shopping and making cards...