fresh from the Makery: a belated happy holidays!

My holiday greeting to you, like my cards this year, is late.  I made my cards, I think for the first time ever, which is hard for me to believe considering I've spent most of the past dozen or so years making art and stuff and selling paper goods in some capacity.  It's kind of like going for a manicure, I guess - the manicurist never has time to do her own nails, you know?

But not this year.  This year, of all years (trying to essentially launch a business while caring for a budding toddler full-time is no easy feat - lots of folks do it, I'm sure, but not me, at least, not gracefully), I decided to make my own, mainly because I spied these stickers standing in the check-out line at Michael's.

Pink on a Christmas card!

I used the sticker as the envelope seal and the rest of the design of the card came from this small detail, including the palette - chartreuse, turquoise, and red - to the illustration used on the front (vintage ornament silhouettes, of course)...

 ...and the flashy red paper used for the envelope liner.

Here's to an equally sparkly 2010!


Liner Envy said...

How did you make/cut your envelope liners? I love the red paper!

Becky G. said...

Paper Source sells liner templates that correspond with all of their envelope sizes. They also sell the red glittery paper I used by the sheet and roll. Pretty sassy, huh?

Liner Envy said...

Very much so! I just wish I were getting married again so I could have you do the invites...maybe with baby one of these days!

Becky G. said...

Aw, thanks! Any time you need customized paper goods you know where to go :)