School resumes tomorrow and, to be honest with you, while I should have a lot to write about, I'm really not in the mood to blog. But I know I won't have another opportunity until the first week of classes is over. My mood this past week has alternated between excited and anxious. I'm pretty happy with my schedule so far (although, with the Museum School, you have to scope out about ten or so classes and hope that half of them are good or better) and eager to get back in my studio. At the same time I don't feel ready. Winter break went by way too fast and I'm just feeling settled into my domestic life here in Boston. I need another week to ease back into the crazy balance of school, studio, and work. Which, hopefully, the first week of classes will provide, but you never know what you'll be asked to do on the first day. Anyway, as you may have gathered, my mood tonight is a little more on the anxious side...

I thought our day-trip to New York last week would inspire me...and it did, but not in that personal sort of aspirational way. We didn't make it to MoMA, but instead visited the Neue Gallerie to see the work of Egon Schiele. Gnarly stuff - I even bought a coffee table book that looks terribly impressive.

Otherwise, Neal and I have been logging an awful lot of hours catching up on The O.C. Go ahead, judge all you want. I'm TOTALLY into it - we've watched all 27 episodes of season one and the first couple of season two since the year began. How do we fit it all in, I don't know...What I like about the show mostly revolves around Seth Cohen's character - where was this guy they're leading us to believe is a big dork when I was in high school? But, you know, he gets his in the end. And I dig Summer's non-apologetic feisty attitude. Marissa, on the other hand, could use a little more personality than the occasional binge-drinking and similar risky behavior, but we'll see how season two pans out. For now at least, it's an awesome way to wind down after a closing shift at work.

Oh, and, by the way, while they only washed once, Hair Adventure was a huge success!

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