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Just when I have a little free time to watch television, all the good shows are nearly over - puttin' the bittersweet in summer break. Thank goodness for reality television, which defies the standard televisual season. Of course there's Big Brother to look forward to, but before that, we have a few weeks left of America's Next Top Model. Dare I say ANTM is my all-time favorite reality T.V. show? Quite possibly...

Anyway, yes, I have managed to squeeze in a few episodes over the last eight or so otherwise busy weeks. In fact, I think I've only missed one so far and it only really got good with the last few girls getting the boot. At this point, not knowing who got voted off last week (don't worry...I'll catch up with the encore presentation tonight), I'd be happy with almost anyone winning. She takes decent pics and I definitely dig her personality (and perspective on the other girls in the house) but I have to admit I just can't see Furonda winning. Jade's got an attitude but she's coming around (and who didn't love when she clarified for the rest of the girls that the show isn't called "America's Next Top Best Friend" for a reason). Danielle's almost all there, but I can see how the accent could be problematic (I particularly enjoyed her dentist office antics during the other girls' procedures). Sara basically just needs to prove to the judges that she wants to be there (I mean, if you're 6'1", milk it, you know?). That leaves Joanie, who's pretty darn close to perfect, if you ask me. I think she really came into her own, as they say, during the episode with the "crimping" photo shoot. There's that whole being-a-model-in-person thing that the judges are so picky about, but I think she's my favorite, if I had to pick one at this point - a nice blend of pretty with a little edge and a good sense of humor...plus, she got four teeth pulled out, for cryin' out loud! But I'd hate to jinx her...only once (Eva, of course, although I was pretty pleased, come to think of it, with Nicole winning cycle 5) has my pick been the winner in the end. And up to this point, at least, I wasn't too terribly disappointed when any model in particular has been voted off. Surprised, with Nenna, but not disappointed.

Other than ANTM I've managed to more or less keep up with Gilmore Girls (which, sadly, risks being cut with the WB and UPN merger looming), House, and Lost, and I'm almost caught up with the O.C. House is totally formulaic but, whatever, and Lost is always pretty good - mysterious, sometimes a little scary. The O.C. has had a few bright and shiny moments this season, but it wouldn't be the end of my world if I, for whatever reason, stopped watching. Or if the show got cancelled. Or if the show continued but Marissa's character got killed off somehow. That girl is such a magnet for drama and it's just not that interesting anymore. You know it's a mediocre episode (of any show, for that matter) when you start thinking about all the other things you should be doing instead of watching television.

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Chrissa said...

All hail ANTM. I had never seen it until I lucked into an all-day marathon on a recent JetBlue flight to the West Coast. Five episodes back-to-back of season one - never has a flight passed so quickly. Then I had to wait a full week until I could get home and rent the concluding episodes!