you are beautiful

In addition to a lot more activity in the studios lately thanks to the summer program at the Museum School, there's been an increase in building-wide graffiti as well, much of it concentrated in bathrooms. What I like about summer graffiti over the stuff that shows up during the academic year is the more postive tone it tends to take. For example, in the downstairs bathroom of the main building you can follow an ongoing and heated, if largely misinformed, debate about PETA's various tactics and animal rights slogans. Lately, though, it's affirmations like the above that catch my attention. This one has shown up throughout the building, on walls next to mysterious candy-like remnants:

and on bathroom hand-dryers.

There are a couple of slightly different versions of this one, in the bathroom:

and outside the bathroom, down the hallway.

This next one's my favorite; I've only spotted it in one place, next to the paper towel dispenser in the third-floor bathroom:

It's a nice way to think about the rough patches in life, but by that same logic, if everything is okay, does that mean it's the end?

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