recipe for a thesis show

Two rolls of white paper, about eight feet wide by 36 feet long. Quikrete concrete forming tubes, 10 inches in diameter by about 4 feet in height. 24 of those. Velcro. Resin owl figurine replicas. A pound of gold glitter. 24 water globe kits with wooden bases. Three postcards. A lot of screenprinting ink. Four months of travel and inspiration. One month of brainstorming. One month of second-guessing. Six weeks of frantic production. And voila, you have yourself a thesis show.

Almost. I've been busy collecting materials, test-printing, modifying images, re-ordering items that weren't quite what I expected, and I think I finally have a solid plan and I'm ready to get to work. Just in time for my one and only full thesis committee meeting on Monday. I'd share images of work in progress, or at least give you some idea of what a pound of gold glitter looks like, but my digital camera is kaput as of about a week ago. I have to say, life as a blogger is difficult without a digital camera. Especially considering how torn I usually feel if I go an entire blog post without a single image to share. I guess you'll just have to use your imagination.

As crazy as things have been, I still manage to watch t.v. just about every night, although I hate to admit, with all the good fall shows back on, that I've been an incredibly distracted viewer. Rarely do I watch a show and do nothing else while it's on. Thursday nights - The Office and 30 Rock specifically - and t.v. on DVD - Entourage, Weeds - seem to be the only times I give the t.v. my full attention. So it's probably a bit unfair to complain that not too many new shows have sparked my interest, or that past favorites like Heroes don't really hold my attention too well anymore. Even ANTM I watch mostly out of some strange sense of loyalty to the show. I think after watching it for so many cycles (there were only one or two that I didn't watch religiously), I can't stop now just because Tyra is a total egomaniac or because the photo shoots are completely uninspired remakes of her career as a model. It's like if I stop watching I'll always wonder what's happening on the show. And I do still enjoy it. No one model hopeful has really stood out for me yet. But I'll keep watching.


Anonymous said...

It is tough to imagine all those things. A pound of glitter, my God you are going to have it everywhere. No escaping it. We've inherited those tiny crafting jars of glitter and I just can't stand how messy it is. I am raising glitter deprived little girls! Jo

Becky G. said...

A glitter deprived girlhood - how sad! :) But yes, I'm sure there will be traces of gold glitter all over the apartment...which I'm sure our landlord will love when we eventually move.

Becky G. said...

Oh, and BTW, I actually have not one, but two pounds of gold glitter. Fun!