thesis show installation: day 2

Two down, two to go. Well, maybe just one to go, if I'm lucky. It doesn't look like much but today I finished attaching the hardware that will secure the tubes to the floor, wrapped the paper strips around the tubes, and made some initial measurements that will help with layout tomorrow. I'm stiff and sore all over and my knees are bright pink from kneeling on the hardwood floor for the first fourteen tubes until the gal setting up in the downstairs gallery offered some of the extra cotton batting she had to use as makeshift knee pads. That was an enormous improvement and I got the last eleven tubes wrapped in just about an hour (compared to the nearly three hours it took me during the morning shift). I'm determined to finish my statement tonight so I can put in a solid twelve hours in the gallery tomorrow. So far - other than the statement, that is - I'm slightly ahead of schedule. More to follow.

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