Okay, so it's not technically the first snow (since we've been in Boston I've tried to blog about the first snow each season and I think I was successful the first two winters), but it's definitely the first significant storm. We've enjoyed a "wintry mix" here and there since about Thanksgiving - and that's actually worse, in my opinion. Not a lot of snow, but usually mixed with rain, occasionally freezing rain, and sleet, and typically followed by freezing temperatures that create a slippery glaze over everything. Treacherous. I'm not a huge fan of snow no matter how fluffy, I have to admit. I blame it on my first winter of independence, living in Bend, Oregon, during an unusually cold and snowy winter. They don't seem to clear the streets as well there as they do here and they use lava rock instead of the sand/salt combination, which is pretty tough on the roads and the cars. My theory is I'd rather survive my drive to the grocery store...I can always buy a new car or get a new paint job. Anyway, I digress. Despite my preference for milder weather, I can see why folks get excited about the fluffy white stuff. It is pretty magical.

Here's the view out our kitchen window, looking up the hill that lots of cars returning home from work when I took these pics around 5 p.m. this evening had a tough time climbing. That's our car, which we (aka Neal) will get to dig out tomorrow.

Here's the view from our front door. Our landlord's usually kind enough to shovel out our little walkway when he does the driveway.

Here's the view down the hill at the corner, outside our bedroom window.

And making a full 360 back to the front of the house, this is the view out of our other bedroom window. You can just barely see someone digging out their car early.

And of course, this was three hours ago and it's been snowing steadily since. It's still snowing although it seems to be tapering off. I haven't been able to find an updated snow accumulation for Boston itself but Burlington, about a half hour north, was at nearly 10 inches almost an hour ago. Tomorrow should be a fun-filled day of digging out.

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the oakland samps said...

wow...these pictures are gorgeous