oh brother

I have to say, the premier of Big Brother 9 was pretty compelling but after only two episodes, I feel like the producers of the show may have ventured a little too far into the social experiment side of things, pairing mostly single contestants according to personality testing but keeping real-life couple Ryan and Jen apart. Meanwhile, real-life exes Sharon and Jacob could, in fact, turn out to be soul mates. Wait, let me see if I'm doing the math right. You're 23 and you say you've been dating on and off for about 12 years. So you were 11 when you started dating? What?!

Anyway, I was torn when Jen went with Parker and Ryan with Allison, really hoping the show would keep them together (and they of course would have to keep their real-life relationship a secret). But then Jen told Parker (instead of finding some way to cleverly convince him not to target Ryan for eviction) and then Ryan immediately told Allison, who's obviously a tad jealous since mere hours before Ryan confessed that she might be his type. Clearly, many of the couples are taking the soul mate possibility a little too literally, like Sheila's tantrums over being paired with Adam. It's not an arranged marriage, people, you just have to try to get to the end of the show together.

Anyway, the second episode was just disappointing, in a number of different ways. While I found the pairing of contestants into couples initially compelling, I think it'll get old really fast. There's gotta be a twist...some way you can change partners or something at some point. And the second episode is too early for calling people out (always a fun time on reality t.v.), back-dooring somebody, or confessing secrets that should remain secrets for at least a few weeks. I'll keep watching, of course, just as I'll tune in to the premier of ANTM next Wednesday and eventually, once they get rid of a little more of the riff-raff, will attempt to watch American Idol. I'm not sure how, since they all air on Wednesdays, when I'm in class, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.


Jolina said...

Oh, man have I been disappointed. Please, Big Brother, leave this show in the summer, once a year, so we don't have big over-done trainwrecks like this one. I have further complicated the issue by tuning into Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. I am so lost by the end of it, and so sick (I've only watched a couple of hours) of all the whining, he-said, she-said crap, it just exhausts me. Sharon is back in the house somehow, but I have to wait till Sunday to see why.

You are so right about the secret of the dating couple, I thought they had come kind of BB contact clause that bound them to their secret. Shouldn't she be automatically eliminated because of it? Like when whats-her-butt ate regular food instead of the agreed to slop, wasn't she called on the carpet for that?

I could rant and rave about this show for a long time, but will stop for now.

Thank you for tunining in, Becky, I thought I was the only one watching. Maybe this is the season that I get completely turned off and start plugging in movie rentals instead.

Jolina said...

Oh, and Sheila and Adam - there is something really wrong with them both. I just don't understand how a person can be as cruel as Sheila was, right off the bat about Adams. You'd think she would've known that, at least for the present moment, it might be in her best interest to KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT! But, sadly, that appears to be the theme of this season - blabbermouth, loud, insensitive jerks. I can't say that I want any of them to win. Altho, I like Parker - he's pretty cute. In some weird, Krusty the Klown way. That hair.