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Just a couple of weeks after Chrissa's update to the Hair Diaries section of her blog, despite having misgivings about returning to the guy who's been cutting my hair since we moved to Boston (interrupted by two or three unsuccessful visits to the very salon Chrissa mentions), I decided I couldn't stand it long enough to scope out an alternative and made an appointment. In short, I left the appointment feeling disappointed, even downright upset. I get a fair number of visitors to this blog searching for this particular cuttery, so I felt compelled to add an updated comment to my one and only post about the place.

I don't have much else to say and keep meaning to post a comment to Chrissa's post. Why is it so difficult to find a good, consistent stylist who's also able to listen to feedback and - dare I suggest it - incorporate our explicit instructions every now and then? Just about every gal I know has recently left her stylist, lookin' for hair cutting love elsewhere. And most of us have been in this position before. In fact, the two or three unsuccessful detours from the latest place, as mentioned above, are the reason I returned, defeated, having given in to the one haircut I seemed destined to have, lacking the energy to continue my search. What I gained during the digression, however, was an introduction to the Davines line of hair products. During my last visit to unsuccessful salon experiment No. 2, I purchased a tub of Davines No. 10 Universal Polishing Coat for Wizards, and $28 isn't bad considering it lasted over a year. Maybe that's not bad to some, even considering how long it lasts, but I have to admit I felt pretty guilty spending that much money on one hair product, especially at that time, broke art student that I was. Anyway, obviously, it must be good stuff for me to spend that kind of money, plus, it makes my hair smell like cookies. As a concerned Claire admits to sister Catherine in the movie Proof, after asking if she's used the jojoba conditioner she gave her and unable to provide an adequate explanation of just what jojoba would do for her hair: "It makes my hair look, smell and feel good, and that is the extent of my information about it."

I'd been scraping out the last bits of goo while I came up with an alternative to returning to the salon to buy the stuff in person, risking running into my ex-stylist. I'm sure there are other salons that carry it, but in the end I opted to order it online, via this website. Now, if only I could find a good haircut online...


Chrissa said...

Ah, an online haircut - now that would be truly magical!

Until then, only a ponytail can transfigure the disaster of my most recent cut ;)

Jolina said...

All women have at least one horrible hair cutting story. For the longest time, I just thought I had bad hair because no matter what I said, I came out with the same hair cut. Many years later (we live in a small town, with not much choice about such things - not to mention the horror of chair hopping!) I wised up when I tried a different stylist who actually listened to me. It was a fund raiser so was not expecting much. I still go to the same lady.

This hair product - what exactly does it do to your hair?

Becky G. said...

Don't you think this would make a great anonymous, interactive site? I think Chrissa should turn her "hair diaries" label into some sort of ongoing, collaborative, co-ruminating site!

Anyway, Davines No. 10, other than making my hair smell like cookies, gives a finished 'do a little shine and some control. I have lots of little wispies that frame my face and using a little dollop of this stuff (you kind of spread it around and warm it up in your hands, then run your hands through your hair) keeps those under control. I highly recommend. I'm a sucker for companies actually keeping product lines around for more than a year. I've lost track of the number of times recently that I've gone looking to replenish a makeup product or facial moisturizer I've been using for a few years, only to find the company doesn't make it anymore.