snooty much?

In a recent Rhizome post, Ed Halter briefly notes the paintings of British artist Dan Proops, beginning the post with ArtFagCity's "damning" description of Proops as a "BoingBoing artist," in other words (in case you're having a hard time understanding why being BoingBoing-ed would be "damning"), "glossing that mega-blog's indiscriminate penchant for tiki-bar kitsch, airbrushed girlies and steampunked everything as merely 'art pabulum for readers who can clearly handle more'." Halter goes on to more or less agree, adding that if you can't make it to London to see the show in person, "be sure to catch them sometime in the future, when they will be displayed in the spacious living rooms of Hawaiian-shirted IT dudes with more money than taste." Sheesh.

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