more stuff that will probably never sell

I've been crocheting coasters like mad the past few days. Actually, that's not totally true since I can get through an entire coaster in less than a standard-length pop album. So they haven't really been taking up too much of my time, but I have managed to crank out two sets (one set of four that I blogged about here and a second set of six, pictured above). For kicks, I put them up for sale in my Etsy shop. As much as I enjoy the interface and having a shop, I have a feeling Etsy is a bit like Cafe Press was back in its day. A few shopkeepers make a lot of dough but for the most part, you're lucky to get a sale here and there. On the other hand, it motivates me to finish projects and it's not like any of it takes up much storage space or costs much to list.

I've yet to get to the exciting stuff, i.e. doilies (in case you weren't sure what I meant by pairing the word "crochet" with the adjective "exciting"), as I mentioned in the previous crochet-themed post. I'd like to use up all this leftover yarn before I buy any more supplies, but hey, I've got all summer...

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