Mother's Cookies notecards, take two

Am I restless or what? Not even three full days after I posted my Mother's Cookies notecards, I had redesigned another set, this time omitting the blue paper and going for a sleeker, more minimal look. The only reason I was using the blue border was because I had that color envelopes leftover from Elias's birth announcements. And since I've made the redesign the blue border is actually growing on me, but as soon as I posted the cards in my shop, something was nagging me to revise things a little. The revised cards are white cookies on pink paper with a lighter weight white paper on the inside, left blank for the sender's message of course, paired with a white envelope. And vice versa (pink cookie on white card with lighter weight pink paper inside and pink envelope). Like the blue bordered set, the redesigned card is available as an individual note or as a set (or, for that matter, as I write in my product description, feel free to contact me if you need more than three). Both versions are now available in my Etsy shop. I've already had two sales, one of each design, which is incredibly exciting. Really made my day yesterday.

And that's it as far as redesigns go. I've eaten the half-dozen or so cookies that remained by the time I was ready to photograph the second set (yep, what you see pictured is all that remained by that point).

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