a dollop of daisy

With Mother's Day fast approaching and a limited budget, I decided to make a small set of notecards for my mother-in-law. You know how much I enjoy the embroidered French knot, and I saw somewhere how someone had used the delightful little stitch to create the center of sunflowers and such made from fabric. So I decided to give it a try using paper, and it worked out pretty well.

As with anything else, the third flower was a bit better than the first one I tried, but overall, I was pretty satisfied with this small set of three notes in green, blue, and purple. I may have to make another set to sell in my Etsy shop (like the mini thank you's that have yet to make their way there!).

In other news, I've been sitting on this for awhile, but I can't possibly wait a year and a half to share. After what feels like four months of non-stop job applications and responses to calls for exhibitions and the like, I finally got a bit of good news in the mail last week. My solo exhibition proposal for the smaller of two galleries at this art center in nearby Lynn was accepted...for September...2010! Which gives me plenty of time to put the final details on an installation that will pair the chick flick notecards with the related screenprinted wallpaper (you can see both here). The wallpaper has been exhibited a couple of times before, but I think this revised configuration with the stationery will hopefully allow one to provide context for the other. Lots of details to work out between now and then and I will, of course, blog about it again before the show opens. Now I need to work on squeezing in something for 2009...

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the oakland samps said...

I love these! I actually think the yellow-greenish one is my favorite. You should definitely add them to etsy! You are so talented. Congrats about the art gallery too. How exciting, although I had no idea these things were planned so far in advance.