Google Android Phone Case Version 2.0

To date, I've sold four of the Android phone cases I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. How cool is that?! Two of my recent sales were actually for version 2.0, so to speak, which I "mocked up" after a prospective customer "convo"-ed me about adding a few more features, namely a second, interior accessory pocket, a top tab velcro closure, and a metal D-hook attached to the side for car keys or a swivel hook/strap combo of some sort.

There's only so much you can do with felt and blanket stitch and the fact that these are completely handmade (I do have a sewing machine but I haven't used it regularly for almost 20 years), but I'm pretty happy with the revised version.  Ironically that customer has yet to buy one but two other customers seemed equally fond of the added features.  So it's all good.

The original phone case is still available, of course (just packaged the custom green and magenta case pictured above), and received a little love from this blog and this one ("an Android for grandma"!) a couple of days after I originally listed it, probably thanks to Neal tweeting about it and one of his followers re-tweeting it.  Not exactly going viral or anything, but I'm glad my little Android dude is getting some love.

By the way, the Makery will be a day late again this week, but this time it's not my fault. The "event" this week's "project" coincides with doesn't start until the 27th. Check back then for a true giveaway, times 2!


Jolina said...

It is so fun to see what others are saying about you (your product). I'm so excited for you. I shared your coffee cozy with my beading buddy, Courtney who teaches sewing at the high school, and I think she may make it a project for the kids. You are inspiring people all over the place.

Becky G. said...

I'm sure their version will turn out way better, assuming they're using actual sewing machines :) I love that people get ideas from the blog - I got a great comment on the embroidered constellation project I did from a scout leader. Very cool.

Becky G. said...

Just to update the post - I've discovered a little problem with my prototype so I've taken down the listing until I can correct it. I may just have to do away with the d ring feature altogether - tricky to add that to something hand-sewn. Oh well. I guess it's better that I discovered this on the prototype rather than customers discovering it on the versions they bought! Blargh.