fresh from the Makery: something to do with orange glitter

I received a little bag of orange glitter (among a number of other goodies) from the wonderful and generous folks over at the Fiskateers blog for doing the orange slice tutorial a couple of months ago and have been wanting to do something with it ever since.  I love glitter.  In fact, I love glitter so much I included it my MFA thesis project. Seriously. But I've been having the hardest time coming up with a project, partly due to lack of time, but mostly due to lack of ideas.  I thought about making cards or stationery of some sort, as I almost always initially do, but opted for this probably mostly pointless little gift box instead.

I needed a break from design work I was doing for my other shop and decided to experiment.  I applied glue to the bottom and sides of the inside of the box (like greasing a cake pan) and poured the glitter in, coating every nook and cranny and dumping the excess out.  It seems like an inside-out box to me so I liked the idea of putting green felt on the top (like how West Elm stores grow grass on their rooftops) and then trimmed the lid with some turquoise Easter ribbon I picked up at Michael's recently.

I'm not sure what you'd put in this little box.  I'd hesitate to put anything edible in it. Maybe marbles, if your kid's into that kind of thing. Or quarters. I know some families have the whole money in the egg tradition.  Or, as I write in the listing, maybe the orange glitter is enough?

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